Designed for YOUR business!

You spend your time creating a business that is all your own. So why try and force your data into a mass-produced, generic system? Let LMM Consulting design a system tailored to your exact specifications, using the extremely adaptable and powerful FileMaker® Pro software. Together we'll determine the features you want and need without the things you don't. Remember, it's YOUR business, and YOUR data. Have it work for you the way YOU choose! Inquire now for an estimate.

The Power of Automated Accounting!

Maybe you're just starting out, or perhaps your business has grown beyond your record keeping methods. In either case, today's accounting software, such as the universally acclaimed Quickbooks can help you to achieve whole new levels of financial growth. In business, knowledge is power and in a short time you can power-up yourself with in-depth reporting and analysis. Know exactly where your money is coming from and where it is going at the push of a button. Save time and money with year-end tax returns. Your accountant will thank you for upgrading from the shoebox of receipts to one CD with all your financial data saved to it. More info...

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